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4 Reasons A Business Ebook Needs To Be Written: Marketing Your Business

4 Reasons a Business Ebook Needs to be Written: Marketing Your Business

We’ve all seen it. Someone writes a book, and it’s a game-changer for their business. You’d like that for your business too. There are many reasons why a business ebook may be an excellent marketing tool. Today we’re going to talk about four reasons a business ebook needs to be written.

First, can someone who isn’t a writer write a book? Writing an ebook for your business and writing high-converting marketing copy are two different skills that may or may not overlap.

If you hire an excellent editor, they can help your ebook with the polish it needs. And that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. On the other hand, when you want a website or advertising that sells your business, you may need to hire someone.

Note: Most of the articles about indie publishing on Home + Biz could help nonfiction and fiction writers alike. This article is all about nonfiction for businesses.

Why write a business ebook? Credibility

Let’s face it, when you learn someone has written a book about a subject, they’re the expert. They have instant credibility in your eyes.

You can do that for your business.

What if your business is new? You can’t pull life-altering stories from the past.

Even if you had to research every sentence, people will see you as someone who knows and understands the subject. Your job is to make sure it’s accurate. The examples could be from others. (With permission. Always ask first and get permission in writing.)

That’s not saying that you can publish a book filled with errors or one that isn’t well-edited because those flaws will be pointed out in reviews.

Why write a business ebook? Visibility

There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can use a book to give you more visibility.

  • Promote it on social media
  • Buy ads to promote it, both on social media — Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest — and on other sites or publications.
  • Find reviewers who will share about it on their sites
  • Do a promotion with another business where you highlight their book (one you truly admire) and they do the same for you.
  • Write a guest post with a link back to your book

Why write a business ebook? Income

A well-promoted book can bring in income. You can’t simply put a book up for sale on your website or on Amazon and book a hotel for a vacation. You have to promote it. Once sales pick up, you can earn $$ from the book and from increased knowledge about your business.

If you’ve striven to increase newsletter subscribers, then you’ll have a ready market of people who know you and want to buy things you create. But even with a large following, they have to be told that your book exists and why they need it.

Why write a business ebook? Email Giveaway

The flip side to income from an ebook is that you could give it away as your lead magnet, the freebie people get for giving you their email address. While this may not bring immediate income, it will give you followers who will buy future products and services.

The length of the book and the amount of time you put into a book may determine the use of it. A 100-page book takes more time to write than a 50-page book. A book that requires a lot of research — interviews with a dozen or more experts, time spent in online or in-person research — may not be something you want to give away.

Then again, it might be. It would have a higher perceived value to someone and make them more likely to sign up to your list.

Writing a book can be an overwhelming task. Next week, we’ll look at finding ideas for your ebook. Then about making the job of writing your book easier.

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