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I’ve worked at home for more than a decade experiencing highs and lows. I hit a burnout wall at the end of 2017 and this blog is my break from my former work. Nonfiction is a happy place for me. My goal is to work smarter and to be healthier. I invite you to travel with me on this journey.

I hope you’ll discover hints and tips for marketing your home business and motivation for the ride. Each week, a new post will shine light on a way to make your business better. It may be a way sell your business to others, motivation through an interview with a successful home business owner, or another idea for helping your home business prosper. If you need help in any specific area, please let me know in the comments. I also hope you’ll click to receive my free Burnout Prevention Kit.

If you’re curious about me – and maybe about why I created something involving burnout -here’s my bio. My story has a happy ending!

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